First impressions of the members of FLOWER FLOWER

Hey! this guy plays for EGO WRAPPIN! thats so cool!
Hey! this guy has worked for YUI several times in the past that’s cool too.
Hey! …is that a GUY???

Please click the pic for tull size xD

Murajun chubby cheeks so cute (o^.^.o)


#053 - No big deal


photo YL-053-ENG_zpse6b451c7.jpg

Don’t give up, SHIGEZOU!

People made too much of a big deal when yui changed her hair style.

"AAAh YUI what have you done!! AAAh YUI lost her mindddd!!. I QUIT! I don’t like her anymore blah blah blah"

No comments on that.

Anyway.. TWO YEARS HAS PASSED!! OMG I wonder if I can keep up the weekly rhythm I had when I started… let’s see!

I was thinking of replacing Shigezou as YUPI’s sidekick, but after something very very very nice and unexpected happened (concerning him) I decided YUPI and Shigezou will be like mulder and scully. xD

Hopefully I will be able to tell you about this sometime in the future… but prooobably not very soon.

Finallyyyy u _u

I just miss YUI-ing so much man!!!
I really hope yui to recover and be happy and healthy and stuff… snif

If you want a high resolution version to print download it here!

Oh, dearest yui, please keep on smiling!!

Back in the day, we knew based on an interview and a couple of tiny
pictures that YUI is a lil bit short sighted, but she wears contacts most
of the time.

I remember asking Hisashi several times for pictures, and he would
always reply “I’m trying!”

Like: “dude, I know! she looks so cute, but she just won’t let me take
pics of her with glasses I’m so pissed!”

I was so obsessed about this, that I even started a blog with fake
pictures and research around the subject…




When YUI finally started showing up in public with (fake and real)

glasses I was soooo happy.
Videos, magazines, pics in dokutsubo, an album. The whole package!

Anyway, she gave us a pretty decent amount of fanservice that time… Yay

After It’s my life I had the feeling Sony was trying to turn YUI into some
kind of idol and I wasn’t too happy with the idea… Can’t say I didn’t love how
she looked here tho xD

I remember when this guy in Shanghai grabbed YUI by the waist.. what an
uproar he caused!!

I guess great part of YUI’s charm at the time was this aura of purity. Sony’s
perfect product. Always spotless, always unreachable.
That was confirmed when her relationship with Hatano-san was exposed
and yet another uproar arisen from 2ch.

Being called traitor and whatnot, for trying to have a normal life.
I wonder if this triggered in part her depression and panic breakdowns.

When I was blessed with the chance of sharing the same space for a
second by her side I could see it.

She is only human.

Kindness is so cruel, Isn’t it?

Even if you’re soaking wet, smile 
Because I’ll always be by your side ~♫

I wish upon the starry skies;
a message sent with my fingertips ~♫